Distance Counselling Policy

👨🏻‍💻 Distance Counselling

The law protects the confidentiality of the issues discussed between the counsellor and the client. Confidentiality is being taken seriously and discussing or releasing client’s information to any individual, agency or corporate can only be done when requested by the client through a signed authorization form or if the client intends to do harm to self or others.

Please be reminded that the counselling sessions done in the cyberspace cannot be guaranteed its confidentiality. However, therapist will be upholding the best practice to its maximum quality in encouraging the confidentiality being protected.

Client is being reminded that distance counselling has its own limitation as below:

  • Low security in ensuring the protection for confidentiality.
  • Client who opts for distance counselling will not be provided with documentations with letterhead which includes but not limited to referral letters, letter to be excused from work or any official documents.
  • Therapist may not be able to maximize the skills usage in order to help client to its maximum capability.
  1. Client must have visited the clinic at least once and have undergone a proper intake with the therapist. Client will be informed if distance counselling is a suitable option or otherwise given recommendation for future actions.
  2. Client must be at least 18 years old and must have engaged in formal counselling services prior to this service. If client is within the age range of 13 – 17 years old, guardian will need to accompany client for the intake session at the clinic and is agreeable to this service. This will also be subjected to the therapist’s professional consideration.
  3. Client is not experiencing major life crisis, psychopathological issues, addiction, self-harming, suicidal or violent behavior (past and present).
  4. The distance counselling session provided by therapists at Be❦Live In Psychology is only limited to videoconferencing. Client is strongly encouraged to use Zoom instead of Skype for minimal disturbance.
  5. Fee for distance counselling is to be paid up upon confirmation of the appointment which takes place at least one (1) week before the session. As therapist has booked the time slot for the client, cancellation without prior notice results in forfeiting the fees paid. Amendment to the appointment must be made with the therapist at least 72 hours prior to the session afterwhich client is subjected to penalty. Please refer to Fee Structure for further details regarding the fees involved and payment channel.
  6. The therapist reserves the right to refuse distance counselling services if client failed to comply with the terms and conditions provided or when the issues discussed have exceeded the expertise of the therapist.